Git Album on Digital Platforms and Music Markets - Aylin Şengün Taşçı
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Git Album on Digital Platforms and Music Markets




Aylin Sengün Taşçı, one of the leading names of Turkish Classical Music, met with his listeners after her solo album “Andıkça” which was published in the beginning of 2017, without giving a break.


The album is prepared in Turkish Classical Music with the thoughts of interpretation with new works as much as classics is important. It consists of 11 works which will be loved by audiences of all ages. “Git” is artist’s 7th album.


Aylin Şengün Taşçı’s latest work is a brand new tango named “Git”, which is signed by the artistic director Dilek Yüzlüer. There is a new tango in the album called “Sen Benim Güneşisin” besides “Git”. In addition, Necip Celal Andel and Nejdet Rüştü Efe-signed “Mazi” tango, which have been popular in recent years, have been interpreted with a new understanding and took place in the album.


In the beginning of the songs, chosen a work to carry the romantism to beautiful summer evenings, “Nihat İncekara” composed by Ümit Yasar Oğuzcan’s “Istanbul” and Erol Sayan’s famous song “Geçinin Günler Haftalar” (Hatıra) .


Two wonderful Hejaz songs, which Cengizhan Sonmez interpreted with his own voice a while ago and were highly appreciated by the Turkish Classical Music lovers, once again came to life with the successful interpretation of Aylin Şengün Taşçı in this album. “Şarkılar Ağlar” and “Siyah Beyaz Sevdalar” are two works that offer delicious tastes that for those who are looking for their sadness in the depths of Hejaz.


The name “Sevgili İstanbul” song carries the signature of Radife Erten, the great voice artist of the 1950s has a place in our Album. Aylin Şengün Taşçı’s father is a relative of Radife Erten and for love, respect and loyalty, her song added into album with a sense of joyful, rhythmic structure and beautiful words attract attention. Necdet Varol’s song “Bir Umut, Bir Işık” is another one of the joyful works on the album with sweet tunes that listeners will want to accompany.


Hasan Esen’s “Nar Tanesi” named Hejaz song will add a joy and happiness to the summer evenings and hot holidays with its enthusiastic rhythmic structure. Hasan Hasgüler’s very popular canto, “Kalbim Seni Özler”, shines like a pearl on the album with  different interpretation and conviviality.


Aylin Şengün Taşçı On the “Git” album, the magnificent interpretation of all the carefully selected works will once again throne in the hearts of listeners as a “crystal-clear” artist. “Git” album is an exquisite work for Turkish Classical Music lovers, not to be an only listening album during beautiful summer days…


The album prepared and published by Taşçı Production and sold from music markets, especially D&R, can also be obtained from iTunes and other digital platforms.